About Us

We at Error Answer aspire to become the world’s most trusted and most used cleaner software. We are a team of dedicated professional working towards providing you with the best computer maintenance system. With our most user-friendly interface, securing and optimising your PC becomes child’s play. We offer multiple services at one platform making it easier to operate and get the best value for your money.

Error Answer was created to help computer users, regardless of skill level, with the multitude of problems they may be experiencing with their PCs. This idea was born out of sheer necessity as most websites out there today that offer up PC problem help are either way too complicated for the vast majority of PC users or their help is not helpful. We knew there was a better way for everyday PC users to be able to address their PC problems, however nothing existed, until now.

Most of the so called ‘PC help’ websites that are out there today are simply full of nonsense. If they do have articles that offer up help tips and/or suggestions, they are usually filled with garbage and simply don’t contain real solutions. This is due to the fact that many of these websites aren’t really interested in anything but getting PC users to buy their products.

Where these websites are mostly worried about creating a tidy profit for themselves as oppose to helping PC users, Error Answer is different. We offer multiple articles and other resources with one goal in mind; helping PC users, no matter how tech savvy they may be, fix their computer problems on their own.

All the help that we offer comes in simple language that is easy to understand, even for a total computer novice. No need to be a computer expert in order to implement our solutions. Furthermore, all the information we provide is broken down in step by step fashion so that anyone, regardless of computer skill, can effectively address their computer problems.

The solutions we offer are real and we do not waste time with a bunch of irrelevant information that only frustrates PC users. Error Answer is here to help and we only offer quality solutions that work.

We are always looking to improve upon what we have built and welcome any and all suggestions and/or comments from all our users. Error Answer was designed with our users in mind so if there is any way in which we can improve upon, we want to hear about it.